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Why Bitty Fish?

BittyFish | Why BittyFish

There is nothing like a beautiful day on the water, or at the beach with your family. Unfortunately, many people fail to frequently, and adequately apply sunscreen (which inevitably results in days of discomfort and bottles of aloe vera).

According to St. Jude Children's Research, 76,700 new melanoma cases are diagnosed in the United States each year. Sunscreen can be extremely effective at blocking the sun's UV rays, but even the most thorough sunscreen applications can be quickly negated by an active child. Between sweat, digging, flipping, flopping, diving and running, most children will make quick work of Mom or Dad's sun screen applications. Additionally, many times we get distracted, and simply forget to re-apply sunscreen to our children throughout the day.

BittyFish provides UPF50+ sun shirts, rash guards and accessories, which are NOT a substitute for sun-screen, but ARE a fantastic compliment. Our brightly colored, stylish shirts and apparel help your bitty fish stand out from the crowd, making sure they are visible around or in the water, and that their skin is protected from the sun's harmful UV rays.

When we founded BittyFish, our goal was to provide cost-effective, stylish UPF50+ sun shirts and apparel, and we are confident we have done just that. As we move forward with line extensions and new design collections, we welcome input and feedback from our customers both via email and social media. If you like our designs and see value in our approach, please share our page, and encourage others to #shopsmall and protect their #bittyfish.

Thanks to all of our friends and followers. We are two Florida families trying to make waves and provide stylish and affordable UPF50+ sun shirts and apparel to keep your bitty fish protected from the sun's harmful rays. Keep swimming with us :)


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