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Minimize the "Fight"!

As a working Mom of two I long for the beginning of warmer weather and vacations with my family.

Playdates, beach trips, a day out on the boat all seem like the perfect day with our little loves… Until it takes 30 minutes to try and apply sunscreen! We have all been there; it’s like fighting with a flopping fish trying to apply sunscreen on a child. You just want to get out the door and into the sunshine!

We all want Sun safety and the best for our kids! But the real bonus is easier sun screen application and knowing your kids will not be sun burned while looking stylish.

UPF50+ swimwear/outdoor wear is not just a fashion fad. Popular with active parents because they work by protecting skin and less sunscreen application….or sunscreen wars for most of us. An added bonus is less absorption of chemicals into the skin.

Lightweight materials are breathable while blocking out 98% of UV and UVB rays. It is easy to assume that wearing any lightweight clothing would be beneficial and block out harmful rays. However, sun and UV/UVB rays will go directly through cotton and other standard clothing materials. UPF ratings have become the standard certification of the materials woven into sun protectant clothing. UPF stands for Ultraviolet Protection Factor and indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed. A fabric with a rating of 50 will allow only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays to pass through.

I typically apply sunscreen to my kids faces, ears, necks, arms, and legs prior to dressing them in UPF50+ gear. It makes re applying to the exposed skin much easier and less of a chance in missing any little spots. Don’t forget the backs of hands, tops of feet, and lips.

Be sure to check out the “E Healthy Living  Powered by Skin Deep® and Food Scores App” for safe sunscreens! Look for the UPF50+ on clothing labels to ensure you are keeping your little ones safe in the upcoming warmer months.





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