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A hat kids will actually wear!

Now a Hat that kids will actually wear….Hats!? What is it about hats that kids love to rip them off? If your children are anything like ours they initially want to rip them off because well…they can. But, like anything the key is to start them early on in life with a hat, so they don’t know any different.

Whether outside for a walk, playdate at the playground, or a day by the water throw a hat on your child. But, not any hat…ensure it is UPF50+. Most clothing and hats are not immune to the sun’s harmful rays and are permeable.

Has your child ever experienced the misery of a red hair line or part because you forgot to apply sunscreen to their head!? It isn’t fun...painful and itchy for days. Not to mention ears are the most forgotten part of the head to apply sunscreen.

Bitty Fish® has created a light weight hat that is UPF50+, Stretchy, Soft, and Lightweight. Protecting the top of the head was not enough for us. We went the extra step and included neck “flaps.” We still recommend applying sunscreen to your child’s ears and neck even when covered by our hats but your active little one will be prepared for a day in the sun.

Maybe if UPF50+ clothing and hats were a “thing” when we were growing up I wouldn’t be investing in skin care to prevent wrinkles/take care of wrinkles…But they are available now so let’s protect our precious little ones.


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